segunda-feira, março 17, 2008

The Anti-Gravitacional Man (a Cyber-Performance)

The Anti-Gravitational Man is a solitary adventure concerning a psychedelic exploratory voyage to “God’s Archive”. By means of the consumption of various drugs and magic potions, this man will manage to “float” across space and time and surreptitiously enter the archive of God himself, the divine creator and manager of all happenings, and endeavor to change past facts and initiate others in the future, in a non-linear temporal perspective.

Scenically speaking, this man will have at his disposition 5 (glass) entry doors to the Archive which symbolize the 5 elements; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Air, this space being made up of 3 walls, angled in relation to the spectator, where videos appertaining to each of the 5 elements will be projected and will form the genesis of God’s Archive.

In the center of the space there will be a seesaw constituted by a long board equilibrated by a revolving central axle which will permit the vertiginous rises and falls, amongst other acrobatics, of this character/voyager across space and time. Every time he enters one of the different doors, the scenery will change by means of video and music, and essential elements of dialogue and interaction with this character will take place as he enters into a specific space (element).

Many of the images projected will be those of the protagonist himself transfigured in a way that he will be brought to confront his own faces, figures and other mutations of his fragmented personality. We will have, therefore, 5 doors which will lead us to 5 different spaces where this man will have the opportunity to confront the Guardians of each section of the Archive, and where he will find himself involved in dialogues, battles, dances, witchcraft and incantations with the various inhabitants (monsters, etc.) and Gods of the 5 elements.

Following this adventure, the man’s tentative to meet directly with God in person having been frustrated, he will be confronted with the choice of becoming one the Guardians of one of the sections of the Archive. He refuses and the spectacle ends with his death and annihilation at the hands of God himself who incorporates him into one of the 5 elements and, thereby, terminates his voyage without return. My objective as actor/performer is to present not only an extremely elaborate show, but to present myself as: The Anti-Gravitational Man “swinging through” outstanding scenic performances of the highest level. I also consider that the seesaw as outlined above could work very well itself in a live performance, independently of video, with music alone.

Duarte Barrilaro Ruas
21st November, 2007